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Triangle have set a new environmental standard for Highway & Forest Cattle Grid

Grids that are Council approved and installed in over 150 locations nationwide

  • Unbeatable 5 day installation time for highway cattle grids, making our time on site lower than our competitors.
  • Factory-controlled precast bases (3m to 8m road width) which removes the need to pour concrete on site.
  • Quality and longevity – super heavy duty: steels from 25mm plate with 8mm transverse beams
  • No site drilling which reduced noise pollution – all anchors are cast into the concrete.
  • Far less traffic disruption – 88% reduction in environmental emissions
  • Less disruption to businesses, schools and the public. Large reduction time on diversions that create added emissions.
  • Pre cast grid bases simply means Absolutely NO site waste or environmental contamination (compared to cast-in-situ grids)
  • 20 years supplying grids
  • Approved by our clients: Hampshire Council, Hampshire Highways, NFDC, Scottish Borders, Southampton City Council, Skanska, Milestone, Commercial and Private customers.

Find out more about our Cattle Grids here


Take a look at this short video detailing some of our impressive and revolutionary design and installation practices.

More images of pre cast grid installation on one of UK’s highways

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