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Apartment Balconies

TRIANGLE was tasked to install the Cantilever Balconies at the Fisheries in Hackney, London.

Many balconies are cantilevered – that’s is, fixed to the structure on one end. This project was especially challenging because of the immense size of each balcony. We cast Schock Isokorb KS20 concrete-steel supports into the building fabric concrete. Thermal breaks were added to improve the thermal efficiency and heat losses between the balcony and the apartments.

We carried out all survey and design in-house, using our total station and modelling on Advanced Steel 3D. All design and loading calculations were co-ordinated using BIM. Steel Fabrication was at our workshops in Hampshire.

This is the first time we worked with Schock Isokorb systems and the results are stunning.

TRIANGLE also supplies stainless steel and powder coated balcony systems, with a choice of glass or steel balustrading. We also offer bespoke steel fabrication design, with a choice of laser profiled and powder coated infills for your balustrading. Bespoke fabricated systems can reflect the unique character of any business.

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