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Domestic, Agricultural and Highway Cattle Grids

Cattle Grid Solutions

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Cattle grids have been our business from the beginning, and we have spent 20 years developing the range, methods, and practices. Grids can be particularly challenging, and they can become quickly compromised with heavy and regular traffic.

Grids are an investment

Grids are an investment so do your homework when choosing a supplier. There are important factors you should consider for a successful grid installation:

  • Is the steel the correct loading for the vehicles?
  • What is the weight of the steelwork? – the heavier the grid, the more robust and longer it will last
  • The anchor method between the steelwork and concrete – cast in anchors are significantly stronger than resin or expansion anchors
  • How long does it take to install? – disruption is a major factor, and in the case of highways, is a great source of environmental emissions
  • Is the grid precast concrete, in situ concrete, or completely bespoke?

For any questions, give our experts a call

Fast Installation, Minimal Disruption

Our products and services include:

New Grids

We fabricate, supply, and install Precast Domestic, Agricultural and Highway cattle grids. Our Precast Highway cattle grids are a world first with an unmatched 5 day installation time

Grid Maintenance for Concrete and Steelwork

Triangle has developed unique maintenance solutions for Highway Grids:

  • Specialist concrete nosing replacement
  • Replacement oversize station footings for compromised steel

grid bases

  • Bespoke steel carrier beams for compromised concrete
  • Specialist bolting methods for loose grids

Drainage and Specialist Grid Products

Triangle offers a range of grid steel products:

  • Deer grids
  • Drainage Grids
  • Channel Drains
  • Quiet residential grids
  • Specialist bolting methods for loose grids

Triangle can supply supporting services to include:

  • Detailed Construction Phase Programmes
  • Special Environmental Protection measures
  • Detailed Surveys and Design
  • Traffic and Pedestrian Management
  • Ancillaries including fencing, asphalt, drainage

View our PROJECT PORTFOLIO to see completed projects

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