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Choose a contractor with 20 years experience working with local councils on bridge repairs and maintenance.

Steel Cattle Grid

Highway Bridge Maintenance

Triangle has 20 years experience carrying out minor and major repairs to highway bridges. These works usually involve the rebuilding of damaged structures, particularly impact damage to brick structures and damage from brick spalling and vegetation growth. We also replace tie bars and pattress plates.

We work off scaffolding or pontoons to meet the requirements of the EA. Offering turnkey solutions including the supply of TM road closures and diversions.

We are also able to source matching heritage bricks, copings and hydraulic grout for listed bridges. Where copings cannot be sourced, we are able to cast our own to exactly match the original in size, shape and colour.

For all bridge repair and maintenance queries get in touch with our team an we can discuss your requirements with you in more detail.

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