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5-day-install Precast Highway Grid World’s smallest Environmental impact

Cattle Grid Solutions

Triangle is a market leader in supplying PRECAST and BESPOKE Highway Grids.
We manufacture our steel cattle grids at our facility in Hampshire.

PRECAST Features & Benefits

  • The concrete and steel are supplied in kit form, modular 3m – 8m road width
  • We can provide a complete installation package or Project Manage only
    • 5-day install means the UK’s smallest environmental footprint:
    • Quick install = 88% reduction in emissions
    • No alkaline washout from site poured concrete
    • No formwork or premix concrete waste
    • No toxic mineral release agents
    • Reduced construction noise pollution
    • Less disruption to business and schools
  • Cast in anchors – no site drilling allows quick install of the steels
  • Factory quality control
    • PAV-2 concrete bases delivered at 50kN (28 days)
    • Hot-dip galvanised heavy-duty steel grid plate construction: 25mm thick plate with 120x60x8mm RHS transverse beams
  • Modular – steel transverse beams can be replaced
  • 120T Super heavy-duty (example: our 6m grid weight = 3,7T, competitor grid weight = approx. 2,2T)
  • Load tested and compliant to BS EN 1991-2 / BS4008 / CE Exc-2

We have installed over 100 precast highway grids in the New Forest.
We supply nationwide. Currently, we supply Hampshire Highways, Milestone, Amey, Skanska, Wiltshire Council, NFDC, Scotborders

BESPOKE GRIDS: Features & Benefits

We can fabricate bespoke steel cattle grids in RHS, SHS or UB to fit any road width.

Although we provide precast bases, we can cast-in-situ concrete. In certain circumstances where access is very difficult, or overhead lines preclude cranes, precast may not be possible due to the size of the crane.


We can provide a complete installation package or Project Manage only to include:

  • Full site survey, design and fabrication
  • Full Construction Phase Programme (CPP)
  • Full pedestrian and vehicle traffic management
  • Health and safety facilities
  • Fencing and vehicle/pedestrian gates
  • Drainage to grid
  • Asphalt work to grid

We supply nationwide, to Hampshire Highways, Milestone, Amey, Skanska, Wiltshire Council, NFDC, and Scotborders.

Other products:

Reduced noise grids for residential areas
Concrete and grid steels maintenance
Drainage grids
Drainage gratings

View our PROJECT PORTFOLIO to see completed projects

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