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Extending Grid Life

Highway Grid Maintenance

Triangle has, over twenty years, developed unique repair and maintenance methods along with products for extending the life of highway cattle grids.

How can we help?

Concrete Nosing Replacement

Triangle has adopted specialist methods for damaged concrete nosing repairs. When the nosing concrete breaks away it can compromise the stability of the grid steels when traffic wheels drop onto the exposed transverse beams, therefore this type of deterioration needs early remedy.

  • In situ concrete repair
  • Precast nosing replacement section

Nosing replacement adds many years to the life of the grid concrete. Precast sections can be fitted in one day. Where precast is not suitable, we can cast concrete in situ, but this method requires a 5-day closure – in some cases, only half the nosing requires replacing and only a half rod closure is required.

Some of the older grids have little or no reinforcing steel in the nosings. When we rebuild them, we add or bulk up existing reinforcing.

Grid Maintenance

Compromised Grid Base Repairs

Grids steelwork becomes compromised when most, if not all, anchors have come loose causing movement across the entire grid. It only takes the anchors of one base to start compromising the adjacent base, until the whole grid is displaced. This can be a real danger, especially for cyclists, and is easy to identify by the amount of noise generated by traffic over the grid.

  • Triangle has 20 years’ experience repairing displaced grids
  • The repair process requires 3 days of road closure:
    • Grid removal
    • Existing base plates removal
    • New extended base plate fitting
    • Grid install, grout and anchor
Grid Maintenance

Carrier Beam Replacement

Some displaced grids cannot be repaired with the extended base plate method, particularly the older I-beam grids that are supported on concrete walls.

The solution is to fit bespoke steel carrier beams.

  • We can survey, design and fabricate replacement carrier beams
  • Fully hot-dip galvanised
Grid Maintenance

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