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Steel Cattle Grids

We are Steel Design Engineers, Fabricators and Erectors

Triangles Ltd is a leading provider of cattle grids for Agricultural, Domestic and Highway use.

All our precast concrete grids are modular and therefore cattle grids installation is made much similar and worn steel sections can easily be replaced. Not that they need to be anytime soon! Our highway grids are super heavy duty and are not expected to see parts needing replacement for at least 15-20 years.

We also design and fabricate bespoke steel grids to replace any existing grid where the concrete is still reusable, and we offer a full grid repair service. Cattle grid design is one of the aspects that makes Triangle Ltd specialists in this field.

The Advantage of our Highway Grids

Our Precast Highway grids are supplied throughout the UK. Triangle is the first company in the UK, and possibly the only company in the world, supplying Precast Highway Grids. The advantages include:


  • The Precast Concrete Base sections- each weigh in at a hefty 9T, and can combine to cover any road width from 4 – 8 metres.
  • The grid can be installed in 5 days (from excavation to completion), compared with the highly disruptive conventional cast-in-situ grids requiring 4 – 6 week road closures and diversions.
  • The steel is hot dip galvanised and is Super Heavy Duty – the carrier beams are 25mm plate and the transverse beam box sections are 8mm thick.
  • The grid anchors are cast into the Precast Bases – substantially stronger and no site drilling is required!
  • All the steel bases are secure to the anchors using specialist locknuts, as used on Network Rail.
  • Complete Highway side fencing kits are supplied with each grid.
  • The grids are tested to 150T.

A 6m grid for example, will have a combined base weight of 27T. The steels of a 6m Highway grid weigh in at 4.6T!
Compare that to any other highway grid that weighs in at less than 2T. The
reason for the weight is our grids are truly made to last and are super heavy

All our grids are hot-dip galvanised, quick to install, cost effective and low maintenance, and CE Certified to BS4008:2006 and BS EN 1991-2 Part 2 Euro Coding.

The Advantage of our Agricultural and Domestic Grids


  • We supply grid widths suitable for Deer or Cattle, to fit any road span.
  • We offer Precast Concrete grids, or drop in grids.
  • The grids are suitable and tested to 50T.
  • We also supply optional side fencing.
  • Check out more about our agricultural grids

What we do

We are experts in design, fabrication and installation of grids

Private grids

Private use grids are installed in just 1 day!

Our Professional Team

Our professional team offers a complete Grid Package:

  • Site Survey
  • CAD Design
  • Project Management
  • Groundworks
  • Grid Installation
  • Gates and Fencing
  • Tarmacadam grid finish

Trusted Suppliers of Cattle Grids

The clients who have vested their trust in us as preferred Highway Grid suppliers are Hampshire County Council, Hampshire Highways, Wiltshire Council, New Forest District Council, Amey, Balfour Beatty, and Skanska, to name a few. We are a UK based manufacturing company supplying premium quality cattle grids and other fabrication products and services to the nation. We look forward to assisting you in the process to buy a cattle grid. Check out our contact page for ways to get in touch.



Unit 32 Glasshouse Studios, Burgate, Fordingbridge, Hampshire SP6 1QX


01425 656 466