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Footbridge Fabrication and Maintenance
Pedestrian, cycle, bridle way

Replacement, Repairs and Maintenance

Triangle has 20 years of experience carrying out full replacement, and minor and major repairs, to highway footbridges. We have the experience and specialist equipment for working over water, including using pontoons. We are also experienced and equipped with specialist equipment for working at height and over Network Rail. We have developed a safety working cage for working over bridge voids (see Bespoke and Specialist product section). Repair works are usually to the balustrading and decking. Triangle has completed the most challenging projects working nights over Network Rail, carrying out complete deck replacements.

Footbridge Fabrication

Triangle is able to provide complete consultation, including hydrological surveys, AIP (Agreement in Place), loading calculations, and full site survey, design and build. We can fabricate in steel, stainless steel, wood, concrete, brick, GRP or FRP.

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