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The Challenge of Disruption
1-day install

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Shortest Installation for New Forest Golf Club

Replacing grids can be highly disruptive to access, and New Forest Golf Club required the grid to be replaced in the shortest possible time.

The Challenge

There were two challenges – the club car park is used by the local school, and the golfers want to hit some ball! Triangle were required to excavate and dispose of the existing grid steels and concrete, lay a new hardcore base, and install a new precast grid – all in one day!

The Solution and Result

With careful management of the design, mobilisation and works, Triangle was able to install its Precast grid in the allocated time. There was cleaning up to do, including installing new side fencing, but it did not delay access.

When a day is not enough

In some cases, grids cannot be done in a day, such as on estates where the asphalt may need to be partially re-laid, or drainage added. In such cases we may be able to lay a temporary bypass steel grid, dependant on the site conditions.



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