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Extending Grid Life

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Triangle tasked to rebuild cattle grids to save costs

Replacing grids is expensive and Triangle was approached by Hampshire Highways to find methods of extending the grid life for concrete and steels

The Challenge

  1. Replacing Concrete Nosing’s– when the nosing breaks away, vehicles drop their weight onto the steel beam faces and this destroys base steel anchors.
  2. Anchoring Compromised Grid Steels – loose anchors compromise the stability of the grid; when one base becomes loose, it can compromise the adjacent base and so on until the entire grid steel is loosened.

The Solution

  1. Triangle broke out the nosing concrete without damage to the existing reinforcing. Specialist reinforcing studs were added, and C32/40 concrete was poured to create a new nosing. Building on this success, and to minimise disruption, Triangle has developed a precast nosing section that can be installed in 1 to 2 days.
  2. Anchoring Compromised Grid Steels – Triangle developed oversized bases to replace the existing steel base plates and create new anchoring points. Not only that, special PE frames and grout provide a solid foundation for the steel bases. To finish the repair, Triangle used specialist anchor locking nuts (as used on Network Rail).

The Result

This approach has successfully extended the life of grids by many years – some of our repairs were carried out as far back as 2012 and the grids remain in service.



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