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Replacing balustrading on a dual carriageway

Steel Balustrading

The Brief

  1. The existing balustrading was severely corroded – the brief was to design and fabricate replacement steel balustrading
  2. The works are over Network Rail and on either side of a dual carriageway – the works to be done with a single lane closure, and under NR possessions
  3. Pedestrian access to be maintained

The Challenge

The challenge of working at height and on a dual carriageway cannot be underestimated! Triangle is fully equipped and trained to work under such conditions. The work could only be undertaken during possessions and out-of-peak traffic hours, so detailed programming of the work was essential. Each rail section had to be fitted and completed within each possession – no gaps were permitted for safety reasons. To make it impossible to drop the railings onto the tracks, Triangle used its Hiab crane to control the lift, positioning and fixing.

Steel Balustrading Highway Hounsdown

The Result

The new balustrading is visually pleasing, and heavy duty with a 3kN loading.

All our steel products are CE Certified



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